Monday, December 31, 2012

Holiday Break Reading Challenge - Day 16

Top 12 of 2012
Today we are to pick our favorite reads of 2012 for HBRC.  I am forcing myself to do this.  I dread rating things and now I see why.  My memory of my favorites turns out to be different than if I look to my Goodreads 5 star ratings!  I guess I need to do a  better job with awarding stars...  I decided to pick from my 5 star rated books.  Then, to put them in order...ughh!!!  So, without perfection - here it is!
12.  Wonder by Palacio - a great book where you can't help but to feel such empathy for the character!
11.  If I Stay by Forman - I remember enjoying this book and being satisfied with the ending.  I haven't read the next one in the series.
10.  City of Bones by Clare - Book 1 in The Mortal Instruments series.  I only read three of these, but gave 5 stars to 2. 
9.  City of Glass by Clare - This is book 3 in The Mortal Instruments series.  I very rarely give 5 stars to a whole series.

8.  Blood Red Road by Young - I listened to this on audio.  The reading was amazing.  This is the first in the Dust Land series.  I am currently listening to the second, Rebel Heart.
7.  Wonder Struck by Selznick - He never ceases to amaze me.  The way that these two stories, the one in print and the one in pictures, intertwines is nothing short of phenomenal.
6.  Cinder by Meyer - I can't wait to read Scarlet!  I have it on pre-order, it will be at my door on release day!

5.  Matched by Condie - The first in the Matched trilogy that got me hooked.
4.  UnWholly by Shusterman - The second in the Unwind series.  I only gave 4 starts to Unwind (the first book).  When does that happen? 
3.  Delirium by Oliver - I really enjoyed this series and am anxiously waiting book 3, Requiem.  The first book was the only one to get five stars though.
2.  Reached by Condie - The third book in the Matched Trilogy.  I was so excited to read this one.  I listened to Matched and Crossed, even though I had already read them.  That way my memory was up on all the characters for the release of Reached.
1.  Divergent and Insurgent by Roth - I kept these two together because both books in the series got 5 stars by me.  I ranked them number 1 for the same reason.  Though it has been so long since I read them, I am not sure that if I re-read them, if this is where I would place them.  I wish I had a strong #1!  I feel like any of my picks from 5 down, could be my #1.

And there you have it.  Another great year of reading!!!  I can't wait for all the wonderful 2013 reads coming out!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Break Reading Challenge - Day 5

Today, Edifying and Edgy have us creating a book cover and a synopsis to go with it.  I used a fake name generator for my pretend author name.  Then I used Random Word Generator for a verb to be my book title.  I had to do this twice because the first one had no match in the next step, which is to go to FlickrCC, enter my verb, and grab the first picture with a person in it.  That is my new book cover.
My author name is Jessica K. Hernandez.
My verb was commentate, but is now arch.
And here is my book cover...

Meet Charles McMichael.  He has discovered, when conditions are right, this arch appears in the countryside of Montana.  He has discovered that he can enter the arch.  He has also discovered that it takes him to a different place - a different time.  What else does this arch do?  Where did it come from?  And who is Annibel who seems to live in every era that Charles has visited?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Break Reading Challenge - Day 4

Today, the  Holiday Break Reading Challenge is to find a new blog...and boy did I find a lot.  I like this new blog because it includes not only book reviews, but contests and helpful tips for the blogger!  I can always use that.  It is called The Story Siren, written by Kristi who just loves to read YA.  She has been at it since 2007 and her list of reviewed books is quite extensive.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Break Reading Challenge 2012 - Day 3

Yayyy!!!! It's that time of year again.  The HBRC 2012 is in full swing and I missed the first few days!  Oops.

Todays challenge is to create a book spine sentence or poem.  This is always a bit more challenging than I expect, but great fun.  Here is my attempt...

Alice, I have been torn [between] looking for Alaska [at] 3 below and listening for lions, the lions of Little Rock.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Tragedy Paper

The Tragedy Paper

This is one of those books that keeps you thinking beyond the last page. It had me hooked right from the beginning as a realistic-fiction, coming-of-age book with the turn-the-page factor of a mystery.  I enjoyed the alternating points of view of Duncan and Tim, but it's even more... as both boys are intertwined through both stories, with one taking place the prior year.    I love the intrigue of the prior senior class leaving something behind in their dorm room for the new student resident to find.  I also love the premise of The Tragedy Paper being an assignment for all seniors. 

Elizabeth LaBan did an excellent job keeping the reader guessing as to what happened the year before...and it was tragic.  Her writing style is very easy to read. I would venture to say that it will be a great find for the reluctant reader.

Here is the link to Random House and their synopsis. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Best of...

I love this time of year with all the Best of Book Lists!  I thought it would be fun to create a post with links to all of the wonderful book lists. Well, not all, but all the ones I find over the next few weeks.   I love seeing titles that I have read and loved, while at the same time, seeing others that I need to add to my "to read" list. 

GoodReads Choice Awards - one of my favorites.  I love to vote each year!

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