Wednesday, August 4, 2021

International Owl Awareness Day

It's International Owl Awareness Day! I have a soft spot for owls. They're majestic, mysterious and elude us. I hear them at night, but never see them. I put out an owl house like this...

but I've only had interest by a squirrel and a dragonfly, until a little momma and daddy finch took it over. It's been quite humorous to see these teeny tiny birds guarding their "humble home". 

There are some fantastic owl books out. Here are some of my favorites!

An Nonfiction Early Reader

by Laura Marsh
published by National Geographic

A Fiction Oldie but Goodie

Owl Moon
by Jane Yolen and John Schoenherr
published by Philomel Books

A New Nonfiction that I just love!

Whooo Knew? The Truth About Owls
by Annette Whipple
published by Reycraft Books