Wednesday, August 31, 2011



Lynch, C. (2005). Inexcusable. New York, NY: Antheneum Books for Young Readers.

Inexcusable is right!  Keir is a senior who lives with his dad, who he calls Ray, in what we find out to be a dysfunctional family.  Keir is an entitled jock who makes excuses for everything he does wrong.  He accidentally cripples another team's football player and gains the nickname, Killer Keir.  This bad-boy mentality seems to become a part of him.  He is drinking, which his father condones, and popping pills.  He finds himself getting into more trouble, like the bashing of the town statue, and then talking himself into the fact that he's a good guy...he and his friends were just telling the town good-bye...someone else must have come along after them and made this huge mess...they didn't do this much damage.  Then he finds himself with Gigi Boudakian for Prom and their graduation night.  He is infatuated with her beauty.  She is heartbroken because her boyfriend didn't come back home for her graduation.  Keir is heartbroken because his two sisters didn't come home for his.  They wind up in a limo going to the college town which is, 3 hours and 1 state line away, to see his sisters.  Things happen from there and Gigi is accusing Keir of rape.  He doesn't understand why.  He tries, once again, to justify it all and tries to talk her into all the excuses that he can come up with.  She won't hear it!  She is devastated.  She is destroyed.  He just might be too!

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