Sunday, October 16, 2011

Any Small Goodness

Any Small Goodness: A Novel Of The Barrio

Any Small Goodness by Tony Johnston takes place in a barrio of Los Angeles. It is a story of a Mexican-American family and how they have to deal with such things as street gangs and teachers who are trying to Americanize them, all of which they want nothing to do with. Young Arturo learns to recognize any small goodness and also learns to create his own. He and his friends create the Green Needle Gang… You will have to read the book to see what this gang is all about!

This story uses many Spanish words and phrases and the author has included an index in the back so that you can look them up as you read. Take a peek at the link below to learn some more Spanish. It is quite fun and includes vocabulary, games, music, and videos.
Learn Spanish


  1. what are 10 quotes from the book?

    1. There are lots of awesome quotes in this book. I'm sure you can pick up a copy at your local library! I encourage you to read it and not just look for quotes. It's a great book.