Thursday, January 5, 2012


Crossed (Matched, #2)
A  sequel to Ally Condie's Matchedit picks up right where Matched left off.  As Cassia is deciding who she will spend her life with; Xander, as the Society has matched her with and who has been her best friend, or Ky, who she is falling for.  Unexpectedly, Ky gets taken in the middle of the night and Cassia decides she must make it to the Outer Provinces if there is any chance of saving Ky before his certain death.  Will she find him in time?  Will she find the rebels?  Will they ever gain freedom back? What about Xander, will he turn up once again?

I am now going to have a really tough time waiting for Ally Condie's third book!  I don't think it comes out until November, 2012!  Yikes!!

Here is the book trailer, thanks to Penguin Young Readers.

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