Monday, April 23, 2012

World Book Night

It is finally here...the day that many of us "book givers"
 have been waiting for! 
The first annual World Book Night in the US!
There were many pick-up places located across town
for us to get our box of books.
My pick-up place was The Woodlands Barnes and Noble.
It truly took a village to make this all happen.
Yesterday I picked up my box of books.

Here it is with one book pulled out.
It is the true book, but this edition's cover is a special World Book Night cover.
It also has a really nice letter inside the front cover
 so that future readers of the book
will know where this edition came from.
In the back, it has all the companies listed that made this possible.
And don't forget, this all started last year in the UK. 
Thanks to everyone who has made this possible!

I am taking my set of books to a small charter high school
that will hand them to their teens. 
These teens have faced struggles in their lives just as Liesel does in
The Book Thief.
We must all find something that helps us get through these rocky roads in life.
Liesel finds books, during a time when books are banned and burned,
the Holocaust.

Come... read this book... from Death's point-of-view.
It is not all happy and fun,
but Liesel finds that books feed her soul.


  1. I love this book! My Pre-AP class just finished it.

  2. Did the kids love it too? I really need to read it again! It's been a couple years for me.