Saturday, May 19, 2012

One Cool Friend

One Cool Friend

Buzzeo, T. (2012). One cool friend. New York:  Dial Books for Young Readers.

This is a very cool book about a boy named Elliot who goes to visit an aquarium with his father.  While he is there, he asks for a penguin.  His father, who thinks Elliot wants a stuffed animal penguin, agrees.  This is when the fun starts.  I will tell you only that Elliot does not mean a stuffed animal, and Elliot does bring home his penguin.  That is all I will say...except that after you read the book once, you will open it right back up to the beginning and read it again!  It is a New York Times Best Seller and teachers can download a curriculum guide and a reader's theater script here.

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Click on the link above to go to the National Geographic kids web page on Emperor Penguins.

Toni Buzzeo, the author, has a pretty nice website.  She is the author of the Mrs. Skorupski books.  You may have heard of Our Librarian won't Tell Us Anything.

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