Monday, January 9, 2017

The Artist and Me

The Artist and Me
by Shane Peacock
Illustrated by Sophie Casson
published by Owlkids
April 2016

Funny that I should pick up this book on the same day as The Tree in the Courtyard.  As I mentioned in that post, I was very blessed and got to visit Amsterdam.  Amsterdam not only has the Anne Frank House, but also the Van Gogh museum.  It is a marvelous tribute to Van Gogh.  As you explore each floor of the museum, you make your way through his life and can clearly see his painting style evolve.  

The Artist and Me is written from the unique perspective of a young boy who lives during Van Gogh's lifetime.  He watches as others bully Van Gogh, the crazy man, and even joins in.  I'm very impressed with illustrator Sophie Casson. The color palette she chose for the pages of this book, and how they match the actual painting of Van Gogh is mesmerizing.   Another wonderful nonfiction picture book for kids!

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