Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Bedtime Yarn by Nicola Winstanley

A Bedtime Yarn
written by: Nicola Winstanley
illustrations by: Olivia Chin Mueller
published by: Tundra Books
expected publish date: September 26, 2017

I can't stop thinking about this book!  It is so simple and so magical at the same time!
This book will be my new go-to 'littles' gift book.

Book Hooks: It's all about connections with this one!
1- A bedtime story to remember! Kids will love the connections to their bedtime routine.
2- The ball of yarn is ingenious!  I don't want to give it away - you'll have to read!
3-Tha magical ball of yarn near the end - still not giving anything away!
4-The connection to Frankie's mom - so sweet!

From Goodreads:
Like a well-worn, snuggly blanket, this sweet bedtime story about a little bear who's afraid of the dark and his mother's creative solution will warm and comfort readers big and small.

Frankie is a little bear who has a hard time falling asleep. The dark is scary, and he hates to be alone. So his mother gives him a ball of yarn to hold when he goes to bed, and she keeps the other end in the next room, working it into a surprise for Frankie.

Every few nights the yarn color changes, and Frankie dreams in all the colors that he and his mother pick out. One night he's swimming in turquoise water, another night he's in a cool gray fog. He plays with a marmalade kitten and eats delicious chocolate cake. Eventually Frankie and his mother create something special--and Frankie learns that he's always connected to those he loves, even when he's alone in the dark.

A beautiful story of love and crafting, A Bedtime Yarn will appeal to knitters, sleepy little bears and any parents dealing with their child's fear of the dark.

Okay - so this summary gave some things away...

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