Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloweensie Contest Entry

Thank you to Susanna Hill for setting up the 7th annual Halloweensie Contest!

Munster Knows (70 words)

Monsters, Monsters
Tonight’s their night
if they dare

to leave their lairs, 
to mix and mingle,
shadows left,
at last— commingle.

On Halloween,
no one knows
who is who 
under clothes.

Girls with crowns
and boys with horns
go house to house
for candy corn.

Munster knows 
it’s trick or treat,
but… he never
keeps a sweet.

Instead he has a
trick to share—

confetti bombs
for your hair!


  1. LOL-funny with a great ending :) Good luck!

  2. Love the surprise confetti bombs! My son would be asking for those if he read this. Thanks for a fun story!

  3. Ha - my boys loved them at their school fall festival when they were young. Thank you and you're welcome! =)

  4. Fun story and rhyme. Good luck in the competition.

  5. Tracy, this is a really cute rhyme! Munster has the beat on Halloween trick or treaters, that's for sure.

  6. Fun story--I especially like the twist at the end.

  7. Confetti bombs sound like fun. Good luck!

  8. The dreaded confetti bomb! That's quite the trick. Very fun!

  9. So true that Halloween is the one night Monsters can wander among us and we can't tell whether they're dressed up kiddos or real monsters! :) Cute story, fun ending! Thanks so much for joining in on Halloweensie, Tracy!

  10. Thank you for hosting this fun contest!