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The Invention of Hugo Cabret

The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Caldecott Winner

Selznick, Brian. (2007). The invention of Hugo Cabret.  New York, NY: Scholastic Press.

I moved this book review up in my blog because my family is anxiously waiting to see the movie.  I will compare and contrast the movie to the book soon!
This is a really good book for so many reasons.  It doesn't look like the typical kind of book that would win a Caldecott Award until you open it up.  It is a large chapter book, but has pages upon pages of graphite sketched illustrations. Brian Selznick is the author and illustrator of this book!

 The illustrations are mesmerizing.  As you turn the pages, they sometimes zoom in and in and in to a close up.  The illustrations also move the story forward rather than just add a picture to what you are reading.  

The book also has a good historical fiction storyline which includes movie making and movie-maker Georges Melies, the automaton and its history, clock-keeping, train stations, and toy stores of the old-timey streets of Paris.

It is a great book for reluctant readers.  I remember back when the young kids who couldn't really read Harry Potter had to be carrying that big book around.  This book gives the students that same kind of satisfaction, but they will be able to actually read it.  It is great for the reluctant reader because of the numerous pages with large illustrations and the quick paced plot.  It keeps them moving and really feeling like they are getting somewhere in their book.  I enjoyed this book much more than I would have thought given the summary.  I hope to see another book like this from Brian Selsnick.

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