Thursday, July 14, 2011


Twilight (Twilight, #1)

Meyers, S. (2005).  Twilight.  New York, NY: Little, Brown and Company.

This book is great fun.  It made me feel like a teenager again; urging Bella on, going to high school everyday with her, worrying about her friend problems, etc.  Talk about a page-turner, it was one of those books that I couldn't put down.  It has the mystery and intrigue of the killings that are taking place in Forks, WA.  It has the romance of Bella and Edward with his chivalry and his bad-boy intrigue because he's a vampire.  It also has the suspense of life and death danger and decisions.  When I first read Twilight a few years ago, it was not when it first came out.  I resisted the hub-bub of activity thinking it was for teens and I was quite busy at the time.  When summer rolled around, I finally gave in a bought it...I love to read fun books in the summer.  Wow!  I could not put it down.  I went to the store over and over to buy the next one and read them all in about a week and a half.  That was with 3 kids at home for the summer and they were much younger than they are now.  My sister read them all twice and I thought she was nuts : ) until I started reading it again for this class.  I almost think it is better the second time around.  I picked up on a lot that I hadn't before.  Highly recommended!

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