Saturday, October 1, 2011

Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood

Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood (Persepolis, #1)

Satrapi, M. (2003). Persepolis: The story of a childhood. New York, NY: Pantheon.

This is a graphic novel autobiography that is all about the life of little Marji, who is growing up in Iran.  It gives us not only the history of what was taking place during the 1980's, but also the insights of a child.  Her family valued education, women, and freedom.  They were a very close knit family.   This book shows us how it was to be excited to win the revolution against the Shaw only to be devastated by the realization that the ultra-religious government has taken over.  Many freedoms are now taken away.  The women have to wear veils, there were no more parties or alcohol allowed, borders are closed and eventually even the education system is shut down for a couple years.  Marji starts out by idolizing those who are imprisoned, tortured, and being a part of the revolution.  Now, with the new government, the prisoners are murdered.  The people who still show their individuality would be discovered and put to death.  Everyone has to hide what they are really doing or what they really think.  Marji, being brought up by rebellious parents, was not capable of hiding her feelings and thoughts, even when she should.  Things got so bad that her parents feared for her safety and decide to send her away to live with relatives.  I am sure that move saved Marji's life.  This account really helps the reader get an inside view of a family in Iran.

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