Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Funny!

I Funny, is James Patterson's very funny book expected to be out on December 10, 2012.  I was lucky enough to receive an advanced reader's copy!  I devoured this book.  Books for this age group do not always hold my interest, especially when they are trying to be funny.  This book IS funny!  It is also realistic fiction at its best.  Jamie Grimm is a great main character who deals with bullying, disabilities, and loss.  The reader grows and learns a great deal right alongside Jamie through Jamie's story hidden among the laughs and jokes (I actually even had a few tears). Of course, the back of the books says it best, "...a powerful and kid-friendly recipe of a laugh-out-loud story that packs an unexpected emotional punch." This is not normally my kind of book. If there is a sequel, I will read it!

Jamie Grimm, in his wheelchair, wants to be a stand-up comedian even though he is sitting in his wheelchair all the time.  This as part of his routine.  Jamie is being raised as part of a distant relative's family, and his worst enemy at school is his bully of a cousin, Stevie.  Jamie has a lot to overcome with this bully that he also lives with, and his story behind the laughter and the wheelchair.  Jamie's yo-yoing Uncle Frankie becomes an instrumental figure in Jamie's life.  Full of jokes and laughter, there are also tender moments of true emotion.  Highly recommended!

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