Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Light in the Attic

A Light in the Attic
Most Challenged Book List

Siverstein, S. (1981). A light in the attic.  New York, NY:  HarperCollins Publishers.

I was surprised to see this on the Most Challenged Book List.  My first few years of teaching, my first graders and I would read Where the Sidewalk Ends on a regular basis.  I even had a cassette tape of it that was loads of fun.  We loved to laugh at all the silliness and surprises sprinkled throughout the pages.  So, I decided to check out A Light in the Attic from the library and see why this one is so different.  Shel Silverstein still uses his silliness and surprises throughout, but, I guess this book includes a little more edgy topics?  I'm stretching...witches, devils, etc.  They are just scattered here and there.  There are also a few illustrations that show someone with their pants down - of course, they are pencil drawn in his cartoonish illustrative style.  Maybe it is challenged so much because the parents are expecting the same carefree fun of Silverstein's prior book.  They may be surprised that there is anything controversial in this one at all.  If it is for young children, maybe they don't want to to address the topic or the giggles that some of the pages may bring.  Interesting... I do have to add that I like Where the Sidewalk Ends much better.

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