Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Three Pigs

The Three Pigs
Caldecott Medal Book

Wiesner, D. (2001). The three pigs.  New York, NY: Clarion Books.

This book starts with the traditional story when the wolf comes knocking, huffing, and puffing at each of the three pigs houses.

The three pigs have to get away from the big bad wolf!

Rising Action:
The pigs find a way to get off the page in their book.  They even make a paper airplane out of a page from their book and ride it!  Next they find themselves inside other stories.

They decide they need to go back to their own story and go into the pig's brick house.  The wolf is trying to get them again.

Falling Action:
Characters from other stories enter the pages of the pig's book.

The three pigs, with the help of the other characters from the other books, catch and cook the wolf.  They all share some soup.

The illustrations are what makes this book so different from all the other versions of The Three Pigs.  The reader figures out that each page of the real book has four pages drawn from the Three Pig's storybook.  The characters start to come in and out of the pages of the storybook.  The illustrations do a great job of showing this action.  Also, when the pigs make and fly on their paper airplane.  It takes several pages of the book - again - great action.

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