Saturday, January 14, 2012



Hidden, by Helen Frost is a 2012-2013 Lone Star book.  The main character, 8 year old Wren, is in her mom's van when it is stolen.  She remains hidden during that frightening ride to who-knows-where.  For two days she remains hidden in an old boat in the garage until she figures a way out.  This man who stole the van, who is an abusive husband, and a father of an 8 year old girl, did not intend to become a kidnapper. 

Darra, his daughter, and Wren meet again at a summer camp 6 years later.  They spot each other instantly and both have their own side to that fateful day.

Wren's chapters are written in free-verse.  I always think that makes a fast and fun read!  Darra's chapters are written in a style made up for this book.  After you finish this book, don't pass up the page at the end called Diving Deeper: Notes on Form, as the author tells you how to find another hidden part of the story...very interesting!

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