Thursday, December 22, 2011

Book Title Synonyms - Day 6

Today I had to figure out ten book titles by the synonyms given.  Some came pretty easily, others were tough.  I used Amazon and to give me some ideas.  Here is the list with (my guess) next to it.  I have the answers below the list in case you want to give it a try.

1. INTERSTATE TO HADES                                  (Highway to Hell)
2. THE UNENDING GRIN                                     (The Eternal Smile)
3. FEMALE ABDUCTED                                          (Girl Stolen)
4. CARDINAL MITTEN                                           (Red Glove)
5. FIBBER                                                                    (Liar)
6. THE UNENDING SMOOCH                              (The Eternal Kiss)
7. THE STERLING CUTLASS                               (The Silver Sword)
8. ASSASSIN ITALIAN FOOD                               (Killer Pizza)
9. MURKY EXISTENCE                                          (Dark Life)
10. SMALL MALE SIBLING                                   (Little Brother)

And the answers are:

Highway to Hell
The Eternal Smile
Girl, Stolen
Red Glove
The Eternal Kiss
The Silver Blade
Killer Pizza
Dark Life
Little Brother


I won the Book Title Synonyms today!  Yippee!  I get to choose a book : )!

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