Friday, December 23, 2011

Hit or Miss - Day 8

Today's challenge:

Sometimes books can surprise us in a good way and sometimes they can surprise us in a bad way. A book you might have been waiting to come out for a year could be a total bomb once you finally get to read it and a book you drag your feet about reading can turn out to be the best book ever. Today let's explore those books. Create a blog post featuring a HIT and a MISS.

My HIT is definitely:


I was "afraid" to read this book.  I had heard so much about it as a "censored" book.  When I had to choose 3 censored books for Young Adult Literature class, this was one that I picked.  I absolutely loved this book.  I was so impressed by Laurie Halse Anderson's way of dealing with such a sensitive subject as rape.  The integral part of art class and the symbolism of creating a tree really touched me.  I thought this was a fantastic read!

My MISS is:

The London Eye Mystery

I thought this would be a good pick for a mystery.  I think it was on a previous Bluebonnet or Lone Star list.  I was wrong, I did not enjoy it at all!  I thought it was so unrealistic and so slow - such a disappointment.

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  1. I loved Speak also. I started to pick that one as one of my hits. I really read a lot of great books this year. It was hard to choose!